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SLIAC Sportmanship Policy

It shall be the responsibility of each member college or university to ensure that all of its students and all individuals employed by or directly associated with it comport themselves in a sports like manner when representing their college or university, especially at intercollegiate athletic contests.


Unsportslike conduct shall subject the individual to disciplinary action. The member college or university with which the offending individual is associated may also be subject to disciplinary action if it is found that the member college or university’s policies, actions, or failure to act substantially contributed to the individual’s misconduct. The primary and/or senior women’s administrators will be responsible for the penalties associated with the situation. The administrations at both institutions involved will discuss the situation with the Commissioner of the Conference and seek counsel if needed from Commissioner.

Acts of Unsportslike Conduct

1. Striking or attempting to strike or otherwise physically abuse an official, opposing coach, staff administrator, spectator, student, athlete.

2. Intentionally, or with careless disregard for one’s conduct, inciting participants or spectators to violent or abusive action.

3. Using obscene gestures or profane or unduly provocative language or action, whether or not directed toward an official, staff administrator, student, coach, or spectator.

4. Publicly and unduly criticizing a game official, conference personnel, another member college or university, a student-athlete or personnel from another college or university.

Conduct of Contests

1. It is the responsibility of each home institution to make every effort to assure that:

  • Both teams shall be allowed to prepare and to compete in a safe environment.
  • The contest will be conducted in a manner that discourages spectators and any other unofficial persons from disrupting or interfering with the event.
  •  Visiting spectators will be permitted to support the visiting team as a group, free from interference and intimidation of home fans and, where possible, seated together.

2. It is within the spirit of St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference competition to encourage a positive attitude among spectators in support of their teams, and strong competition between teams in a friendly and sports like environment. The administrative council has noted that banners and signs that contain potentially offensive language or pictures (particularly displays that may be vulgar or obscene) will be discouraged without inappropriately limiting spectators’ opportunities to express themselves.