Katherine Hernan
Team: Women's Basketball/Field Hockey
Induction Year: 2004
Class: 1943

Katherine Hernan is a 1943 graduate of Fontbonne University with a major in Economics. Katherine played varsity basketball and varsity field hockey for four years. She was an enthusiastic and energetic player who exemplified school spirit. Katherine tells us that back in the 40’s, when she was playing, record keeping and statistics on individuals was not done. Nor, she said did they have the benefit of a trainer, leading many of the girls to just ‘play with pain’ as they competed in their sport.
Katherine was an all-around student-athlete who participated in all facets of university life. She was secretary of the Fontbonne Athletic Association in 1941 and 1943, and served as vice-president in 1942. She was also treasurer of the Fontbonne Social Peace Club in 1943.